Kahler Middle School Library

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!  Please be assured that your child’s well being as well as their academic success are still top priorities in the library.  With that being said, below are some guidelines and helpful library information to assist students and parents throughout the year.

Students visit the library once every other week with their assigned ELA class.  Each student will have a two book limit and each student may keep their book(s) until their next library date.  Students are allowed one renewal after 2 weeks, but may not renew for a third time.  Graphic novels will not be allowed to be renewed, as they are fairly quick reads and very popular to all of our Kahler students.  Books must be returned in order to check out new books.  A printed receipt can be found in the back pocket of a checked out book.  This receipt will show the student’s name, the due date for his or her book(s) and what books were checked out.  I encourage all students to check this receipt to make sure all the information is correct.  Students who finish a book may come to the library during the day with permission from his or her teacher and must have a library pass.  

Accidents happen. We know this. Most children are responsible, but if a book becomes damaged, we stress that it is the student’s responsibility to inform us and, if necessary, replace a book that gets damaged or lost while in their care.  I DO NOT collect late book fees!

Students have the capability to check out Ebooks and audiobooks, just like library books by going to https://library.lcsc.us/middle-school-electroniccs-resources/ at the bottom of the page it states Download audiobooks/ebooks.  To log into their Follett account from home, the student’s login is their Google email address info before the lcstudents.com (extension).  Example: jsmith NOT jsmithlcstudents.com and their password is their student ID number.  Students can also download the Sora app to access even more free online books.  Once in the Sora app students will sign with the same information as their Follett account.  Audio books are great for students on the go with sports, reluctant readers, and if the library should be out of a specific book, more than likely the audio book is available.

Finally, most books within the library consist of topics, language, and issues addressing and attracting the average middle school student.  However, there are some upper grade level books, (Young Adult) that may not be appropriate for all students within Kahler.  These books are labeled with a yellow YA sticker.  PLEASE NOTE, YA means that book may contain controversial themes, mature content, and/or profanity.  If you have any issues with your child’s book they may return it and check out another.   Fifth grade students are NOT allowed to check out YA books without a signed permission slip on file.  If you would like to grant your child permission to check out YA books, please sign and return the permission slip at the bottom of this sheet.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the school year.  


Rose Clary (Ms. Rose)


Office: (219) 865-3535 ext. 317

Renew your library books - Instructions

Students can renew their Kahler library book and check their library account online. Just follow the instructions above.

image of headphones and books

Click the image above to watch a short video on the benefits of listening to audiobooks.

Kahler Young Adult Library Note and Form