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Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!

I’m excited to continue promoting reading and encouraging the students to achieve their AR goals as they return from their restful summer break.  Below are thelibrary’s guidelines and some helpful resources to assist students/parents throughout the year.

Some guidelines for the library include a two book limit for each student during a two week period. Receipts in the back of each book will show each student’s due date for his/her book.  After that period is up, a five cent fine is charged to the student’s account each day that the book is overdue.  This fine will limit a student’s ability to renew or check out books until the fine is paid in full.  To extend the use of a book over two weeks, students may renew a book title only once for another two week period.

Any lost/missing book will result in the full cost of the book being charged to the student’s account. Again, a block will be placed on the student’s account until the fine is paid in full or the book is found and returned.  Damage to any book will also cause the cost of the book to be charged to the student’s account with the same blocking policy applied until the fine is paid.  Checks (made out to Grimmer Middle School) or cash are accepted to clear up any fine or charge to a student account.

The library is open from 8-8:35 each Tuesday and Thursday morning during tutoring time for students to work on projects and/or clear any library debts. However, the library is not the location for doing homework and hanging out in the morning.  Students must remain in the cafeteria during morning hours or attend tutoring unless they have been given permission to use the library for a specific reason.  Printing is allowed in the library with librarian permission.  Each student may come to the library during the day and passing period with permission from his/her teacher and with a library pass.  If students use their passing periods for library time and end up tardy to class, they will receive  consequences from their teacher.

Students may take AR tests within the library ONLY with permission from their LA teacher or librarian.

Books within the library consist of topics, language, and issues addressing and attracting the average middle schooler.   However, there are some upper grade level books (Young Adult) that may not be appropriate for all students within Grimmer.  Each of these books is labled with a “YA” label.  These books may address more adult themes, use adult language, and contain more mature content.  These books will also be more challenging to read and understand.  Therefore, I ask that if you do NOT want your student to check out the YA (young adult) books, please sign and return the bottom of this note, which will go home with your student(s) the first week of school.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the school year. I’m excited to start another year and hope this year is successful for all Grimmer readers!

Mrs. Bufano

219-865-6985 EXT 319