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Congratulate our Summer Readers!

Eric Burns

Vivian Polusky

Braden Mitchell

Clair McNamara

Zoe Pulsky

Michael Santiago

Jacob Miczek

Isabelle Hill

Christian Schultz

Adrianna Markovich

Lincoln Smith

Amy Pieta

Jack Szafasz

Andrei Dordea

Ben Szafasz

Logan Kootstra

Hadleigh Smith

Dylan Berger

Andie Schultz

Benjamin Potchen

Rayana Kanaan

Welcome to the Peifer Library

Mrs. Karen Savitski, librarian, ext. 5446

 Welcome back!  Hope everyone had a fantastic summer break.  We were busy here at Peifer Library, packing and unpacking books so that we could do some remodeling.  The carpeting was removed from the floor and the walls, and shelving and seating was completely rearranged.  It looks like a brand new space!

Peifer Elementary School’s Library is the place students turn to for the discovery of ideas, the joy of reading and the power of information. Student needs drive our services and we take a personal interest in ensuring that they are delivered in a welcoming, convenient and responsive manner. We are committed to supporting a lifelong enjoyment of reading and learning.

Accelerated Reader

Each book in the Peifer Library is labeled with a colored sticker to let the students know what level each book is. Students may take an AR quiz when they are able to completely read a book that is an Accelerated Reader book. They may take a quiz when they come to their weekly visit to the library or in their classrooms as well. When they complete the quiz, they are awarded a  point value for their accomplishments. Goals may be set for each child by their classroom teacher. If there are any questions you may call Mrs. Savitski at 322 -5335 EXT: 246.

AR Bookfind
Parent’s Guide to AR

Scholastic Book Fair

Book Fair will take place in the spring this year.  More information on that to follow!