Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!

Grimmer Middle School Library

Dear parents and students, 

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!  Please be assured that the students’ safety as well as their academic success are still being made top priorities in the library.  Please feel free to reach out with any concerns or questions as the year progresses.  Below are the library’s guidelines and some helpful resources to assist students/parents throughout the year.

Some guidelines for the library include a two book limit and each student may keep the books for a four week period (with one renewal after 2 weeks).  Students are allowed to renew their own books from school or at home.  The Grimmer library catalog of books can be found at https://library.lcsc.us/# by selecting The Catalog.  Then choose Michael Grimmer Middle School and start your book search!  Sign in using the Google email address info in your student’s email address before the lcstudents.com and type the student ID number as the password.  Students may browse, renew their own books, create personal book lists, and put books on hold after logging in to their library account from school AND home. The renew, personal reading lists, and hold options are only available once students sign into their Grimmer library accounts using the Grimmer library catalog.   A receipt in the back pocket of a book checked out will show each student’s due date for his/her book(s) and the name of the check out(s).

E-books and audio books can be checked out to students just like library books by going to https://library.lcsc.us/middle-school-electronic-resources/ at the bottom where it states Download audiobooks/ebooks.  To get into their Follett account from home, the student’s login is their Google email address info before the lcstudents.com in their Google email address and their password is their ID number.  Students can also download the Sora app at Apple App Store or Google Play Store to access even more online books (for free!).  Download the Sora app and sign in with the same info as the Follett account above to get reading.  Audio books are very helpful for reluctant readers!  Please take a look around online!  This is a very easy way to keep your students reading at home on their Smart Phones, Ipads, and Kindles without needing to go to the library!  In addition, by using the Lake County Digital Library Access Card that each student will be provided, he/she can access the Lake County Libraries to increase his/her ebook and audiobook options.  Can you imagine having the option of a variety of libraries at your fingertips without leaving your home?!  Now is the time to embrace online reading!   Additional resources can be found at  https://library.lcsc.us/grimmer-middle-school/# under Useful Links. 

After the four week period is up for having book(s) checked out, the book(s) will be marked missing in the student’s library account.  There are NO BOOK FINES, but if the book(s) is/are not returned, are lost, or are damaged, the full cost of the book(s) will be charged to the student’s account.  A block will be placed on the student’s account until the fine is paid in full or the book(s) is/are found and returned.  Checks (made out to Grimmer Middle School) or cash are accepted to clear any balance on a student’s account. 

Each LA class will have its own library day/time every two weeks for 20 minute period to check out books, read and/or experience book chats by the librarian.  The 5th grade students will come weekly.  Each student may come to the library during the day with permission from his/her teacher and with a library pass.  If students use their passing periods for library time and end up tardy to class, they will receive consequences from their teachers.  Printing is allowed in the library with librarian permission.  

Most books within the library consist of topics, language, and issues addressing and attracting the average middle schooler.   However, there are some upper grade level books (YA= Young Adult) that may not be appropriate for all students within Grimmer.  Each of these books is labeled with a “YA” label.  PLEASE NOTE: Young Adult titles may contain controversial themes, mature content, and/or profanity.  These books will also be more challenging to read and understand.  Therefore, I ask that if you do NOT want your student to check out the YA (young adult) books, please sign and return the bottom of this sheet.   If I do not receive this portion signed and returned, I assume YA are acceptable for your child to check out from the library.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the school year.  I’m excited to start another year and hope this year is successful for all Grimmer readers!

Ms. Bufano    

My office: 219-865-6985  x319

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