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Welcome to the 2016-17 school year!

I’d like to introduce myself as the new librarian and tell you about some exciting changes that have been made here in the Grimmer library. My name is Mrs. Bufano, and I was previoulsy a Language Arts teacher here at Grimmer for the past eight years. I plan to use my years of experience within the classroom and my love of reading to benefit the students and staff in the library this year!

Over the summer, some exciting changes took place to refresh and rehab the old look of the library. The main checkout countertop is now covered with the most current and engaging titles of a variety of books for middle school readers. The lighting in the library has all been changed, so it’s brighter than ever in here! Also, there are now shelf markers, book displays, and art that has transformed the space from drab to fab! A fresh coat of Grimmer blue paint on the back wall and a new rug add to the ambiance and welcoming feel in the library space this year. I encourage anyone visiting Grimmer to come take a peek through the library windows and see what has improved!

Some guidelines for the library include a two book limit for each student during a two week period. After that period is up, a five cent fine is charged to the student each day that the book is overdue. This fine will limit a student’s ability to renew or check out books until the fine is paid in full. To extend the use of a book over two weeks, students may renew a book title only once for another two week period.

The library is open from 8-8:35 each morning during tutoring time for students to work on projects and check out/return books. Printing is allowed in the library with librarian permission. The library is not to be used to do homework during tutoring mornings. Each student may come to the library during the day and passing period with permission from his/her teacher and with a library pass.

Books within the library consist of topics, language, and issues addressing and attracting the average middle schooler. However, there are some upper grade level books (Young Adult) that may not be appropriate for all students within Grimmer. Each of these books is labeled with a “YA” label. These books may address more adult themes, use adult language, and contain more mature content. These books will also be more challenging to read and understand. Therefore, I ask that if you do NOT want your student to check out the YA (young adult) books, please sign and return the form on the attached PDF below. I will place a block on his/her account which will notify me if he/she attempts or forgets that he/she is restricted from these books.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the school year. I’m excited to be the new librarian and hope this year is successful for all Grimmer readers!

Grimmer Library Note and Form